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Explore the Fuzzy Front End of Innovation

The IGNiTE process is all about exploring the fuzzy front end of innovation.  This article, referencing a study from Booz & Company, confirms that successful innovators engage in the front end of innovation by engaging directly with consumers. We’ve known for a long time that this works — but it’s nice to see research confirming … Continue reading

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40 Reasons Why People Struggle with Innovation

As facilitators, we know that getting people to embrace innovation can be difficult. There are many obstacles that must work to clear.  This list identifies MANY of those obstacles.  You might use this list to identify the roadblocks that might come up with a team you are facilitating and develop specific processes that work through … Continue reading

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The Importance of Focus, Time Constrained Tasks and Energy Breaks

A good reminder by  HBR contributor Tony Schwartz about the importance of staying focused on one task at a time, allocating time within which to complete a task, and taking energy breaks.  As all facilitators know, longer days do not equal more productive sessions. Better planning is the only way to accomplish more in less time. … Continue reading

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Brainstorming: Finding the Next Big Idea

Finding the Next Big Idea — IGNiTE Presentation Feel free to download the attached presentation (pdf format) for essential facilitator tools and techniques. The key to successful facilitation is providing structure and process tools to help groups think through issues, brainstorm solutions and evaluate  alternatives. I’ve attached a presentation I created called “Brainstorming: Finding the … Continue reading

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Try These Focus Groups with an Insightful Twist!

Debate-style focus groups are a great way to learn more about consumer preferences. This style of focus groups amps up the disparities between product supporters and detractors or heavy users and light/non-users by putting them in the same room and asking them to debate your product’s merit vs. other options! Debate style focus groups require … Continue reading

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Blue Ocean Strategy Process for Innovation

Blue Ocean Strategy offers a unique approach to thinking about innovation. The basic premise is that you seek out territory for innovation that is not in a crowded competitive space (called a “red ocean”).  The  Blue Ocean Innovation strategy can take months to complete if it’s conducted as it was intended to be — as … Continue reading