Brainstorming: Finding the Next Big Idea


Finding the Next Big Idea — IGNiTE Presentation

Feel free to download the attached presentation (pdf format) for essential facilitator tools and techniques.

The key to successful facilitation is providing structure and process tools to help groups think through issues, brainstorm solutions and evaluate  alternatives. I’ve attached a presentation I created called “Brainstorming: Finding the Next Big Idea.”  I hope you will find a useful tool or technique in here that you can apply to your work as a formal or informal facilitator.

Cindy Diamond,  Principal, Strategist & Facilitator

IGNiTE – Fueling Creativity and Innovation


3 thoughts on “Brainstorming: Finding the Next Big Idea

  1. WOW! great pwr. ppt about brainstorms thank you for sharing.
    I really appreciated your breakdown into convergent and divergent thinking. The model of brainstorming is important for facilitators and organizations to be exposed to. Often time the term “brainstorming” gets a bad name becuase of its overuse and by individuals who are not knowledgeable of team dynamics or perhaps using the term brainstorming when it should not be used.
    I would like to share an activity I created
    ( that is for creative brainstorming.


  2. Enjoyed the presentation – have read material recently that suggests that time out from ‘group think’ in a session facilitates the most creative solutions – as these arise in slower brain states.

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