Aligning your work with your values


I recently had the pleasure of attending a workshop by Dr. John Demartini. The topic was on Fulfilling Your Destiny. Dr. Demartini spoke about the importance of knowing what you truly value most and aligning what you do with those values. When you are living a life aligned with your values you feel fulfilled, when you are not it may create  frustration, anxiety and/or depression.

I have seen this so many times in the work place. People are anxious about their jobs, can hardly get out of bed in the morning to get to work and dread Monday mornings. These are clear signs from your body & mind that you are in a job that is not aligned with your highest values.

This also applies to any type of relationship. If each person supports the other persons highest values most of the time and provides some challenge to those values some of the time the relationship will flourish and grow. When those things are out of balance, the relationship will be stressed.

This can be applied very effectively in the workplace. If you want something from someone else and you approach them with only your values in mind, they may resist. But if you can make your request in terms of how their highest values will be served, you will both be satisfied.

Now, for the facilitation angle: when facilitating teams it’s important to understand the values of that team and the individuals that comprise the team. That way, the facilitator can more effectively moderate the conversation and help participants present their needs, wants and ideas in a way that serves the values of his or her team members. That’s the real meaning of seeing something from someone else’s point of view!

Learn more about John Demartini and his work at

Cindy Diamond

President, IGNiTE


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