Facilitating Brand Strategy Workshops: Begin with Insights, Ideology, Intention


Insights. Ideology. Intention. These are three crucial components of a successful brand strategy. Set yourself up for success by making sure all of these components are part of your next brand strategy workshop.

Insights: What is that penetrating, discerning understanding about consumer motivations that will unlock opportunity for this brand?  If you don’t know the answer to this question, you need to seek it out prior to having your brand strategy discussions.  Identifying and understanding the key consumer insight that motivates your primary target audience  will ensure that you create a relevant brand promise. Without an insight, your promise is simply a guess as to what will motivate your audience to purchase your brand.

Ideology: Your company’s or division’s core ideology describes why you exist (core purpose), how you operate (core values) and what you are striving for (long-term goal and envisioned future).  Core ideology directly impacts your brand strategy. If your brand does not reflect your core ideology your company will be perceived as disconnected from the brand and in conflict with it (think of companies that don’t deliver on their brand promises . . . for example, some airlines & some cable companies). In fact, you may be percieved as trying to defraud your consumer. If not that severe, you will likely disenfranchise them.  With a clearly delineated and embodied core ideology, your brand strategy will reflect your purpose and values and help you to reach your goal.

Intention:  With your insights and ideology in place, you are ready to begin your work on the brand strategy. This work must be conducted with clarity and intention.  Getting to clarity and intention requires sacrifice. Your team must be aware from the beginning that a strong brand strategy is the best choice between many options — it’s essential to make choices to maintain focus and clarity. Remember that clear focus on your primary target audience will help you create a brand strategy that hits the bulls-eye and is meaningful and relevant.  Without sacrifice and intention your strategy will become diluted and will likely not be meaningful to anyone!

Your brand strategy influences and, in some cases, directs your communications strategy, product strategy and customer experience strategy.  A well thought out brand strategy that ties into your target audience insights and builds on your core ideology will be enduring, relevant and motivating both internally and externally!

Cindy Diamond — President, Chief Strategist and Facilitator

IGNiTE . . . fueling creativity and innovation


2 thoughts on “Facilitating Brand Strategy Workshops: Begin with Insights, Ideology, Intention

  1. Cindy, I’m glad I clicked on this link to your blog from your email. I like what you have to say. You’re straight up! and that’s great!

    • Hi Erin,

      I’m so glad you came to visit my blog and thanks for your kind comments. It was really fun interviewing you the other day for our Ethnography on Digital Moms!


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