Cindy Diamond is invited to speak about facilitating internal ideation sessions


I was invited to speak about facilitating internal ideation meetings at the upcoming CASRO conference October 15 -17 in Palm Beach, FL. CASRO is an organization of market research professionals. I am thrilled to have the opportunity to present to this outstanding group of market researchers.

I am planning a highly interactive presentation where I present a technique and then the participants try it out. Typically, that is the most effective way of teaching new concepts. I will explore with them the concept of lateral thinking and how to encourage that type of thinking in people who are paid for their linear thinking skills all day long! It’s not difficult to do, but it takes some practice. The great thing is, anyone can do it!

In fact, I have found over the last few years that internal teams are significantly more productive and successful with idea generation than bringing in consumers, customers or other stakeholders to do the idea generation. This is due to 3 key factors 1) internal teams understand the brand and company and what fits within the brand and company structure and mission 2) internal team members are typically biased to their own ideas (they’ve spent lots of time incubating) and most often want to see these ideas developed — utilizing the rest of the team to help develop the ideas of team members creates excitement and buy-in AND great ideas and 3) the internal teams will have to implement the selected ideas and are best suited to generate and select the ideas that best fit their objectives and opportunity areas.

I look forward to sharing my facilitation knowledge at CASRO and working with the talented participants to create an enjoyable and dynamic working session!

— submitted by Cindy Diamond, Principal of Diamond Marketing Solutions & IGNiTE


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